10.4.8 is out

by Giles Turnbull

Apple released the latest update to Tiger today. Version 10.4.8 includes a variety of fixes right across the board, most of them fairly minor issues in the first place.

So we get more reliable Apple USB Modems, especially when faxing in France or Belgium (wonder what that one was all about); RAW image decoding support for a few more cameras; and all the recent security updates just for good measure.


2006-09-30 09:14:15

For us French and Belgian people it probably means the fax feature has a shadow of a hint of a chance of a remote possibility to actually start working. I swear I heard people crying from joy from their desks here when the update hit! ;-)


Colin Walsh
2006-12-04 10:53:56
Hi There, I have a new iMac running 10.4.8 I also have an Apple usb external modem. I can not receive faxes although I can send faxes. The modem connects and makes it's little beeps but will not connect?? nay ideas??? Colin