10 9 Zune Devices Sitting In A Tree, If You Want To Take One Home, Just Build an rPath VHD

by M. David Peterson

You know, there are times where I find myself wondering "I think you really missed your calling in life... You should have been a poet!"

And then there are times (like for example, the above chosen title) where I realize "You know, you should really just consider yourself lucky that you don't didn't get your a$$ beat more often than you do did!"

On a related note, have I ever mentioned how much I love my five sisters?


Hmmm. Strange... I wonder why that might be? I could have sworn that I, ...

... well, why I sit and reminisce about how wonderful life was growing up around a group of such spite driven war mongers loving, caring, and above all, compassionate, siblings from another planet all together of the opposite sex, please enjoy the following jolt of exciting news courtesy of Microsoft and rPath's Appliance Builder,