11th hour iPhone prediction

by Chris Josephes

I don't jump on over-crowded bandwagons very often; because everyone out there has thrown out their view on what the unseen iPhone will be like. I'll admit that there is one aspect of the iPhone that I'm curious about, but nobody seems to have commented on.

If you run OS X, you have the Address Book application, iChat, and iSync. All of these programs perform some form of contact management and centralization of information. If you run Windows, you have a few PIM applications to choose from, but there's nothing that really stands out as the end-all, be-all contact manager.

If there really is an iPhone, I'm guessing that it will also come bundled with a really good phone management application. It will provide contact management and syncing, management of other information such as images, ring tones, application settings. It might also provide the ability to control the phone directly from the computer. Whatever this application is, it will be released for both the Macintosh and Windows environments. Very few of the current cell phones come with syncing applications, so this would set them apart from everyone else in the market.

If the phone comes with a camera, and an iPod 30 pin connector, then you open the door to having a usable web camera for video conferencing applications like iChat. That prediction might be a bit of a stretch, but I'd have a hard time imagining that nobody at Apple has never considered the idea of soft phone applications while designing a hardware phone.

That's all the insight I have at the moment. I guess I'll know for sure in a few hours.