12 Favorite Photo Gadgets

by Derrick Story

What photographer doesn't like to add the occasional new gadget to his or her camera bag? And this time of year, it doesn't hurt to have a few gift ideas up your sleeve for your favorite shutterbug. Here are a dozen helpful gadgets for under $100, and most of them cost less than $40.

  1. Tamrac Photographer's Vest

  2. UltraPod II

  3. Cokin Graduated ND filter

  4. SanDisk Ultra PC Card Adapter for CompactFlash

  5. Belkin 15-in-1 Reader Writer

  6. Tamrac Expedition 3 Photo Backpack

  7. Giottos Rocket Air Blaster

  8. iPod Camera Connector

  9. Tamrac N-5053 Camera Strap

  10. Sony NiMH rechargable batteries and charger

  11. LensPen

  12. Lowepro Photo Gloves

If you find any of these items appealing, you can learn more, see pricing, and visit links for purchasing on the Show Notes page for podcast #9 on The Digital Story