1, 2, 3, 1001

by Giles Turnbull

Every now and then you stumble across one of those little apps that makes you smile with delight. Recently, 1001 joined the ranks of them.

When I first got my Flickr account some months ago, I was at a loss to know what to do with it. I already published my photos online on my own web space; I couldn't see the point of uploading them to Flickr as well.

My cellphone lacks a camera, so I can't "moblog" like many other happy Flickr users.

And then there's the hassle factor. I considered it too much effort to have to fire up my browser and upload a new image. I have too many other demands on my time. Browsing images was slow, too; Camino takes a while to initiate the Flash app used to display full-size photos on Flickr pages. I didn't feel terribly inspired.

Screenshot of 1001 showing the stream of incoming photos
But wait -- what's this?

1001 changes all that. It's so easy to upload new images, and the stream monitor makes tracking incoming pictures waaay too easy.

It makes me smile with delight because it's full of nice little touches. The application icon in the Dock and in the bezel when you invoke Command-Tab to switch apps) is one of the photos in your incoming photostream. There are keyboard commands for just about every single menu option. New photos appear in a little floating window on the desktop. There's a built in blog editor (although I haven't tried that out).

I'm still using my personal web space for posting pictures, but now that 1001 has made the process much easier, I'm going to be Flickring a little more than I used to.

Do you Flickr? 1001 times a day?


2004-11-09 02:57:19
a link would be nice...
a link would be nice...
2004-11-09 03:17:26
a link would be nice...
You mean a link to 1001?

There's one in the text, but in case you missed it, try this one: 1001.kung-foo.tv/