2001 JavaOne Japan Highlights Wireless

by Steve Anglin

For months if not years, Sun and its conference partners have held what they were going to do close to the vest. The 2000 JavaOne conference in San Francisco was such a success in terms of draw, that they actually had too many attendees. Also, given the current economic environment, other Java conference holders are going out of business or have decided that it's not financially feasible. Therefore, Sun and its partners knew they had to commit to a two JavaOne conferences a year strategy and schedule. Speculation was everywhere, including the following: SF in the spring/summer, NY in the fall/winter; SF in spring/summer, UK in the fall/winter; SF and Japan; etc.

Of course, we now see the last one may be taking hold, depending on the success of the current 2001 JavaOne Japan. And with the focus on wireless in Japan, that shouldn't be a problem. I believe that once the two JavaOne shows are established on an annual basis, we will see different themes for each show; so that many Java developers might consider attending both shows if at all possible. Look for the JavaOne in Japan to remain wireless next year, and the JavaOne in San Francisco to be focused on enterprise Java/J2EE.

Curious though, I am still hearing speculation that there will be a JavaOne UK. However, this may not happen until 2003 or 2004 at the earliest. It wouldn't be surprising though given that UK and Ireland is a hot bed for both enterprise and wireless Java development, as well as a nice destination overall. However, if UK is an option, please schedule for spring or summer.

Why another JavaOne? What do you think?