2002 JavaOne Conference in Japan

by Steve Anglin

Related link: http://servlet.java.sun.com/javaone/jp2002/home/index.en.jsp

The 2002 JavaOne Conference and Pavillion in Japan has begun. Look for keynotes by Java platform head, Rich Green, James Gosling and more. Click for more on these keynotes as well as sessions, BOFs, tutorials and more. Look for focused coverage on Java-based Web services such as JAX, J2EE, and, of course, wireless Java (J2ME).

Furthermore, internetnews.com reports that Sun will announce the following:

1. JCP has completed final approval process for J2EE 1.4, which includes Java Web services API such as JAX. The group said it is expecting to begin implementing a reference implemention program in late October or early November with final acceptance of the specification due out in early 2003. As part of this, look for the following tools: Java BluePrints for the enterprise program available now in Japanese; a server compatibility program that verifies that a J2EE platform product complies with the J2EE platform standard; and a JavaVerification Program.

2. Sun and the JCP is replacing its longstanding PersonalJava specification with a new Personal Profile specification (JSR 62). This new profile is a J2ME Connected Device Configuration (CDC)-based technology that promises better Internet connectivity and Web fidelity. The CDC HI (Connected Device Configuration, HotSpot Implementation) is an implementation of the CDC that includes a configurable compiler for client devices. Ericcson, IBM, Insignia, Philips, RIM, Texas Instruments and Zucotto were among the committee companies that approved the specification. Look for Motorola to be in the mix as well on this. Additionally, as a J2ME CDC-based profile, the J2ME Personal Profile contains advanced Java 2 technology features such as reflection and security, on-board bytecode verification, a Java Native Interface (JNI), and an AWT. And finally, the JCP offers three new standards for J2ME devices: MIDP 2.0, Mobile Media API (MMAPI) and Wirless Messaging API (WMA).

It seems wireless will be the real focus of interest at this JavaOne. If you can't make it to Japan like me, you can always wait until next year when the next JavaOne will be held at San Francisco's Moscone Convention Center in June 2003.

If you made it to Japan, share your views on this year's JavaOne there?