2003: Year of the Apple

by Jason Deraleau

It's been a month since Apple started off 2003 at Macworld San Francisco. Apple seems anxious to
make this their most memorable year yet. Product updates and price changes seem to be coming on
an almost weekly basis.

So far this year, Apple has:

  • Updated iCal and iSync.
  • Released an excellent web browser.
  • Released a gorgeous presentation app.
  • Unveiled a lite version of their popular pro video editor.
  • Given full version updates to iPhoto, iMovie and iDVD.
  • Ported a Quartz accelerated rootless X11 server.
  • Begun shipping Macs with some of the first 802.11g implementations (Airport Extreme).
  • Begun shipping some of the first machines to have built-in Bluetooth.
  • Designed the world's most compact, full-featured notebook (12" PowerBook).
  • Designed the world's first 17" notebook.
  • Added FireWire 800 to their line (the first machines to have it).
  • Revamped their PowerMac line including price drops, more features and an ultra-fast dual 1.42GHz machine.
  • Revamped their display line including /massive/ price cuts and a new display.
  • Updated the iMac line to include speeds up to 1GHz, DDR, Bluetooth and Airport Extreme.
  • Dropped the price on the eMac.

Quite impressive considering we're just a little ways into the year. If the rumor sites can be believed,
we should see an update to the operating system, bringing it to 10.2.4, in the very near future. If history
can be believed, we should see the release of Mac OS X 10.3 later on this year. Not only that but the iPod
line is due for an update. This should be a busy year.

The main thing I'd like to see, however, is Apple at Macworld in New York this year. Last year's Macworld at the
Javits Center was the first one I've had the opportunity to attend. Prior to that I wasn't really a big Mac fan
(ok ok, I /hated/ them), so I never considered going to the expo. I have to say that it is one of the coolest
experiences I've ever had. I'm really hoping there's a New York Macworld this year so I can go again. Plus I'm sure
there would be even more product updates and releases at Macworld New York. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

What else do you expect to see this year?


2003-02-07 10:12:10
You forgot.... 970
that it is possible/probable that apple will be switching chips from the g4 to the delicious ibm 64bit powerpc 907 sometime late summer.

(yes this is still unconfirmed but its starting to look,walk and quack like a duck!)

2003-02-07 14:51:12
I think they should give everyone at Apple 2 weeks off..
.. I worry about my friends there, and think they should shut the R&D campus down for 2 weeks (at least 1 week), and give everyone some well deserved downtime.