2007 White Camel Awards

by brian d foy

At OSCON, David Adler of The Perl Foundation presented the 2007 White Camel Awards to recognize significant non-technical acheivement in the Perl community. Perl Mongers started the White Camels in 1999 and has presented three of them every year. This year's recipients are:

Allison Randal

Allison is at the center of the Perl community. She's been president of The Perl Foundation, a leader and manager of various parts of the Perl 6 and Parrot efforts, as well a Perl author and editor. Her latest contribution to Perl is version 2 of the Artistic License, under which most open source Perl code, and Perl itself, is licensesd "under the
terms of Perl itself".

Tim O'Reilly

You may think of Tim as the guy who published
Programming perl and Learning Perl, but he also kick-started the current form of the Perl community by giving it a place to come to together once a year. O'Reilly & Associates started The Perl Conference in 1997. Perl Mongers, the organization that helped start Perl users groups all over the world, started at that first Perl Conference. O'Reilly Media has been incredibly gracious and helpful to the Perl community.

Norbert E. GrĂ¼ner

Norbert help start the German Perl Workshop in 1999 and now is involved in several of the Perl conferences and workshops that take place in Europe. He's the chair of the YAPC::Europe committee.