$20 FM transmitter kits to be sold as part of Radio Re-Volt

by Mark Frauenfelder

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From Wired News: "The Walker Art Center is sponsoring Radio Re-Volt workshops all over
Minneapolis through the month of October. At the workshops, people are given free radio-transmitter kits and are taught how to build their own mobile
radio station and how to broadcast with it.

"The kits, which cost about $20, include a transmitter and circuit board
about the size of a credit card, a built-in microphone and a jack to plug in
a CD or MP3 player. Music from the device can be transmitted over the radio,
or a broadcaster can talk, whistle, hum, sing or whatever into the
microphone. The transmitters are powered by four AA batteries, and the
entire setup can fit into a pocket or the palm of someone's hand."