3GSM in Barcelona Next Week

by Brian McConnell

Next week, I'll be heading off to 3GSM in Barcelona. This year there are over 40,000 attendees and nearly 1000 exhibitors selling anything and everything related to mobile telephony. I'll be canvasing the show floor in search interesting gems. I'll also be taking my brand new tri-band 1973 GSM Port-O-Rotary (courtesy of Spark Fun Electronics). I can't think of a better venue to show off a rotary cell phone than 3GSM.

I'll be writing about the expo, and if I can get a clean VoIP connection, I may also conduct some live interviews from the show floor using a combination of cellular, VoIP and conferencing tools.

PS - if you have any tips for must-see products or services, please send me an email.


Bruce Stewart
2006-02-10 09:17:38
I'd be curious about the state of HSDPA and what the actual speeds are that people will experience with this technology. Nokia and others are releasing HSDPA phones with claims of 3.6Mbps throughput...is that for real, or a bunch of hot air like the initial 3G bandwidth claims?

Have a great time in Barcelona!