802.11n and the Mac

by Chris Stone

I've been looking for details on Apple's plan for 802.11n adoption, and found some good info now on their site

No suprise that the the 802.11n enabler will work only for the Core 2 machines, which include the hardware to allow it.

Also, I learned from an Apple representative at their booth that the enabler will be part of an upcoming software update for those Core 2 Macs.


Gareth Lewis
2007-01-11 00:43:26
Thank god for that. I actually believed Apple were only going to ship the enabler software for those that bought the new Airport Extreme base station.
2007-01-11 14:05:06
Core2Duo machines? Well, not all of them... The current 17" iMacs and the Minis do not carry an n-capable AirPort card. Is there any reason for this (hardware-wise)? Price? Or, in the case of the Minis is a way to "protect" the future AppleTV sales? I wanted to buy a Mini (as file and media server, connected to my big screen TV) and I need a new AirPort base but... buying a brand new mac which is the only one not carrying 802.11n seems a really bad choice today....
2007-01-13 18:18:39
Does the wall mount bracket (or is there a wall mount bracket?) match that of the old Airport Extreme? It would be nice to not have to repair the wall if I replace the existing Airport Extreme with a new 802.11n model.
2007-01-13 18:20:37
Does it support jumbo frames?
2007-02-19 17:45:15
very good story. Thx very much.
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