802.11n Sighting?

by Erica Sadun

MacRumors reports sighting a Broadcom 802.11n Network Adapter in a Core 2 Duo 20" iMac.

The Broadcom 802.11n adapter provides a draft version of the 802.11n wireless specification which is not yet finalized. The new protocol promises significantly faster transfer speeds than existing 802.11b and 802.11g wireless networks.


2006-09-25 16:58:25

I guess it probably doesn't matter much. The card will still be compatible with b and g, and might not be useful as an n card going forward if the spec changes a lot, rendering it obselete.

2006-11-11 15:18:25
Folks- darft 11n is not going away- its part of the bigger picture- a subset of 802.11n. Think of this as similar to the Wifi org push of WPA securtiy prior to 802.11i full security.
For vendors who truly support 802.11n draft correctly- its pretty good performance for legacy- A,BG networks (top speed) due to the efficiency in the MAC layer.