802.1X in the September Linux Journal

by Matthew Gast

Related link: http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/8320

I have two articles in the September issue of Linux Journal. The first is a how-to on xsupplicant, one of the two major 802.1X software packages for Linux. (Articles are only available to non-subscribers after a month.) In my professional work, I have often needed to help people get Linux running with link-layer wireless security. The users who are demanding wireless networks are usually the power users, and precisely the same demographic that tends to run Linux.

There's also an interview with Chris Hessing, the lead developer of xsupplicant. I first interviewed him along with Terry Simons, another xsupplicant team member, late last year. Since then, Chris has continued to ride herd on the wireless networks at the University of Utah as part of the expansion of secure wireless networking throughout the campus. In the interview, we talk briefly about an outdoor 802.11 project that he's heavily involved in. Combining indoor and outdoor networks is one of the big trends in wireless networking right now, especially at universities.


2005-08-18 13:31:03
wpa_supplicant too!
Wireless Hacks 2nd Edition (out in November) has a hack on getting wpa_supplicant working.

It's unfortunate, but necessary, to have this in the book, because Windows and Mac users can just easily use WPA with current revs of their operating systems.

Would that it were as easy for Linux...