97 Proposals In... and Still Counting

by Derrick Story

After reading 97 session proposals for the O'Reilly Mac OS X gathering that begins on Sept. 30, I've decided to refer to this event as "the fun developer conference." And if you were in my shoes, you'd say the same thing.

Developers and power users take note. We have everything from iPod hacks to Cocoa programming, geek culture to Apache Web serving. I feel like I've just been told the winner of the next lottery, but I can't share it with anyone.

Now the deadline for session proposals is today (Friday). But I'll tell you this little secret, we've left the proposal site on for a few more days. So if you have something interesting to share, consider popping over there real soon and slipping it under the door.

Next week we start making our final selections. And soon after that, I can spill the beans about the show line-up. Then you'll see why I'm smiling.

O'Reilly Mac OSX Conference.