A Lightroom QuickTime Slideshow. Yes, QuickTime!

by Mikkel Aaland

I love it when the real world meets the book-writing world, as it did last week when I was finishing up the slideshow chapter for my O'Reilly Lightroom Adventure book

Derrick Story was down from Sebastopol and we were in my studio office organizing a new Adventure slide show for an on-line presentation. We were using Lightoom's Slideshow module, of course. With the module it's really easy to create a simple, yet elegant, slideshow complete with transitions and sound.


Neil Tribe
2007-02-28 10:07:14
Eeeer, that would be a big fat stocking YES PLEASE from me. By the way, where is the best place for Lightroom feature requests/bugs? There are so many lightroom blogs popping up.



Mike Johnson
2007-02-28 10:09:13
There should be a quicktime export option.
Neil Tribe
2007-02-28 10:10:41
O.K that's what I get for not previewing before hitting the post button. Should read "stonking". Ooops. So much for my efforts to touch type.. ;-)
Tormod Malmgren
2007-02-28 13:31:54
Yes there should be a quicktime export option and more transitions options. Beside that its a great program
Eduardo Mueses
2007-03-01 10:32:09
Now that they own it, there should be an "Export to Flash" option also.
2007-03-02 14:03:59
I love the slideshow module and have been looking for a QUALITY slideshow program that is easy and intuitive to run. Exporting to PDF while nice, is not ideal, obviously. Quicktime just makes sense. PLEASE LISTEN ADOBE!
2007-03-04 22:22:54
How about using Windows Media Encoder for Windows and making a wmv out of it. Basically the exact equivalent, except using MS technologies on Windows.
G W Buchanan
2007-03-05 06:31:37
The only Windows video capture software I'm aware of is Camtasia from Tech Smith, the people who make SnagIt. Its price is $300.00 but can pay back with income from videos produced.
2007-03-05 15:58:52
Yes add Quictime export to Lightroom. It would help complete an awesome program
2007-03-30 12:07:06
I SO want to be able to use these slideshows for my clients. I can't decide whether to buy the Snapz software or wait for Adobe. I think I'll get what I want faster by buying Snapz.

How did you guys do the opening sequence with the map, etc. That was cool too!

2007-04-05 11:26:57
Todd, the Flash intro was created by Adobe's Matt Snow, in Flash. I agree, he did a great job! And BTW, Snapz Pro is very useful, and I highly recommend it.
2007-04-16 08:51:30
YES!! I would like to sell quicktime slideshows to my seniors!
Ben Gettinger
2007-05-05 11:12:30
Quicktime export is a MUST! Without that, the slideshow module is mostly useless for me.
Dan Tshin
2007-05-11 00:32:50
For windows video capture software, Camtasia Studio might do the trick. It's from TechSmith, who also make SnagIt. I believe you can output to Flash (.flv and use the vp6 compression which is one of the best for the web) as well as QT, WMV, and some other formats.

There is a trick for embedding audio (MP3s) in PDFs - you'll need Acrobat Pro, however...

2007-06-13 07:28:44
YES YES YE!! is useless without a quicktime
Alex D
2007-07-13 11:22:14
Does anyone know how to post a slideshow to Blogger.com keeping the LR templates in place?

Please email me at bella1408@sbcglobal.net. I'll keep my eyes out for a blog response.

Papa Dog
2007-07-19 07:13:12
Yes put in export for quicktime, with audio, and make the slideshows move....! get with it! in a nice way!
2007-07-30 09:45:34
I want quick time slide show exports in lightroom!
2007-09-14 11:52:09
Yes! I actually found this thread after Googling in frustration to figure out if there was a way of exporting to QuickTime. At the moment, I had to export images for my slideshow on my PC into iPhoto 6 on my MacBook and do it from there. Of course I don't get the slick Lightroom slideshow with metadata etc, and that's what I really want. Come on Adobe. PDF? What were you thinking?
Patrick Bates
2007-09-20 14:46:15
This sounds great, but a bit convoluted for the average Lightroom user. I'm hoping that Adobe will add some way to export slideshow to DVD for presentation. This to me is Lightroom's weakest link.
2007-10-22 03:14:45
But how do you export the slideshow music ? ;)