Intermediate Perl at the Portuguese Perl Workshop

by brian d foy

I'll be at the Portuguese Perl Workshop on June 6-7.

Before the conference, I'm also giving Stonehenge's "Intermediate Perl" master class on June 4-5. The master class format is a two-day, low-cost format that allows the trainer to attend the the conference. For the Portuguese Perl Workshop, the two day class includes the workshop registration fee and costs €200. Students get a special price of €100. You can register for the class at the same time you register for the workshop.

I'm also giving one of the keynote addresses on "Why People are Passionate About Perl". This time around, I'm soliciting comments for people on their own versions of "Why I am Passionate About Perl". If you'd like to participate, post your version somewhere. You can send me a link if you like, but I'll also try to track down the posts through Google.

There's really nothing special about Perl and passion, so the exercise might be useful for other languages too. If you're passionate about another language, just adjust the title. :)