Yay! iPhone!

by Imran Ali

As a Muslim, the most sacred days in my calendar are Eid-ul-Adha and Eid-ul-Fitr, but a Macworld Stevenote is right there in bronze position.

So it doesn't have a matter transportation pad, captive singularity fuel cell or time travel UI, but the mythical iPhone is finally with us...so significant, it gets its own tab on the Apple site.

So what can this baby do?


2007-01-09 13:31:44

I just love the specs for this thing. The only concern I see, and highly relevant, is the sync with Windows PCs. I hope it will work. Luckily I'm a new born Mac fan since I was forced to switch last year when I started my new job. I went straight out and bought a Windows mobile device (WM5), and it took at least 6 months until I was able to sync it with my new MacBook Pro.

I think the hope lies in the fact that Microsoft didn't have to make WM Mac compatible. The situation is a bit different with Apple. They know that they have to make it Windows sync compatible.

One of the stunning features on the iPhone is the battery life. 5 hours of talk time! Beat that SonyEricsson or Motorola.

Just sad that it doesn't reach Europe until late 2007...... :-(

Bruce Stewart
2007-01-09 20:14:14
Great post! I very much agree with both your praise and appreciation for the device innovations that are extremely impressive, and your dismay that Apple doesn't appear to be developing an open device or establishing any innovative carrier relationships. I just read this post by Tom Evslin that sums it up well:

Apple Fails to Reinvent Telecommunications Industry - Too Bad

Still, I'll buy one as soon as I can.

Jeff Winkler
2007-01-09 20:53:00
The Skype question is interesting.. wonder if Cingular has say over apps, obviously that'd eat into their cash cow.

GPS chips- think they run about 80 at the low end. Couldn't they do a lot with the enhanced 911 data? That said - it's impressive what they've done with the accelerometer / proximity / ambient light sensors.

Sam Griffith
2007-01-09 23:24:50
I think most of your questions are not relavant for the 80% of people and that's who Apple is selling too. And things like GPS, etc. are best left for version 2.0. This is an incredible 1.0 product. Products are designed for upgrade paths, etc. The future is going to be good it would seem...
Imran Ali
2007-01-10 01:14:29
I take it back about GPS - having now seen the Google Maps demo, perhaps the web is enough for current locative applications.

As a Windows user myself, I was also worried about sync capabilities - but actually, seeing iPhone's tight integration with OSX is making it easier for me to switch :)

Martin Geddes, one of our ETel speakers, has posted some interesting thoughts about the business end of iPhone at http://www.telepocalypse.net/archives/001052.html - commercially, it may remain quite a niche product, however, it'll be interesting to see if Apple attack lower-end customers with nano/shuffle entry level models too.

Like Bruce, what I really want to see are answers on openness. If anything, Apple's old-school closed model has now made it easier for companies like Trolltech and FIC to attack Apple now that the battle lines are clear.

Interestingly, my 19 year old cousin took one look at the iPhone and said 'it's just too big' - I think *that'll* be the concern of 80% of people...iPhone is lovely, but it's no mass-markety RAZR. BTW, never tell a girl she needs a RAZR ;)

Simon Hibbs
2007-01-10 03:40:02
>- Why Apple didn't include GPS?

Why does it need it? Cellphones know where they are from the network anyway, to within a few tens of yards in most metropolitan areas, and that plenty good enough for Google Maps type applications.

>- Will developers be able to replace or bypass Apple's
>onboard software?

Apparently not, but dashboard widgets may provide a caveat to that and there's always web apps.

Simon Hibbs
2007-01-10 03:45:15
>Interestingly, my 19 year old cousin took one look at the
>iPhone and said 'it's just too big' -

If you want web browsing, email and visual media with decent readability and usability then what can you do? If you don't, then get a basic phone and apple isn't interested in you. We're long past the days when one phone could appeal to everyone.