by Imran Ali

This is cute. Like Fastap, Neokeys is another keypad innovation that could have interesting implications for telephony. The technology was debuted at last month's MIT Emerging Technology Conference.

We're all familiar with concept handset designs such as the BenQ Black Box; handsets whose entire surface is a touch screen, giving an infintely reconfigurable interface. A great idea, but maybe a ways off in terms of display technology, battery power and price.

Neokeys have taken a more pragmatic approach by using small monochromatic LCD displays to display key legends - like a lo-fi version of the Optimus keyboard. This allows every key to be a soft-key and theoretically, an infinite number of keypads...perhaps one for every application or user context?

Yuvee, the company behind Neokeys hasn't announced any partnerships yet and they're also working on a Universal Joystick for mobile devices. Perhaps, working with open handset developers is a viable route to market for Yuvee.

We're hoping to get them to present at ETel - I'll keep you all posted :)