A Bad Start

by Niel M. Bornstein

I woke up right on schedule at 4:15 and immediately fell back asleep for 25 more minutes. And so my day began.

I made it to the airport in good time, but of course I had no seat assignment. Arriving at the gate, I found I was in seat 24B... that's Zone 8 in Delta's new scheme, meaning more time waiting in the airport and zero chance of getting my roll-aboard luggage in the overhead.

On top of that, I was sandwiched in the middle seat next to a large gentleman who promptly fell asleep with one arm well over the line into my space. He snored gently through most of the flight.

Although we arrived in Philadelphia ahead of schedule, the usual long taxi seemed to stretch out even longer; once at the gate, being further back than I like, the wait to deplane took too long as well.

On the way to pick up my bag, which I had gate-checked, I stopped in to use the restroom; the line was nearly out the door.

I back-tracked to the previous bathroom, putting me further behind schedule. No soap in the dispenser, though, and no paper towels.

Finally got my bag from the luggage carousel and got out to the curb just in time to miss the Hertz shuttle.

Eventually got my car, and turned on the radio to discover that all traffic on the Pennsylvania turnpike was stopped due to a construction incident.

Thanks to Hertz NeverLost, found my way to the client only an hour or so late, but on the way the radio antenna decided to fall off the car. I decided not to stop due to the neighborhood I was in.

Since I was late getting to the client site, I had to do another scheduled call from the road. Somehow a confluence of events prevented that from happening as well, so it's re-scheduled for tomorrow.

Finally got to the client site just in time for the weekly checkpoint meeting. Then directly to lunch since all I'd had was a power bar and the in-flight snack (apple juice and a packet of animal crackers).

So. Can it get any worse?

Ever have one of those days?


2005-05-16 15:40:32
Frequent travellers blessing....
"May all your travel leave you with no stories to tell."

Yeah man, right there with ya on that story.

2005-05-17 10:23:28
United Airlines
My wife just had a long day with United Airlines yesterday. We're in the process of moving from Denver to Chicago. Her plane had mechanical trouble before boarding in Denver, which in light of the recent loss of UAL's pensions, is probably better classified as a work slow-down. After her plane was finally delayed out of existence, she was able to set up another flight to Chicago. She arrived about 8 hours late from what should have been a 2 hour flight.

Her luggage is still nowhere to be found, of course. This being a final flight before the house sells, she has more than the usual personal items in the suitcase.

Thanks United. I'll keep this one in mind for a long time.