A few of my favourite things

by Paul Browne

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  • Java for allowing me to pay the rent.

  • VOIP for making sure that distance doesn't matter (important when you're on an island like Ireland).

  • Eclipse for being such a good development environment

  • MySql for making Oracle come out with a free edition.

  • JBoss for just working

  • PHP being soo easy-peasy to use

What are you favourite (tech) things?


2005-11-11 02:49:18
Off the top of my head...

  • Hibernate 3 Annotations - for making the simple stuff a billion times simpler.

  • Spring - the toolkit to end all toolkits.

  • Mobile/cell phones - no longer new, but easily the most life(style)-changing piece of technology in the past 20 years.

  • Idiotic investors - for giving us a good 5 years of worth of dot-coms that will pay us to be their customers.

2005-11-11 04:59:08
My Top Picks
1. IKVM - for not having to install an extra JavaVM, just to use some Java tools.

2. Mono - for providing a nice cross platform development environment which runs IKVM.

3. Perl for paying my rent ;)