A Gentle Reminder: RubyForge Forum is not a Ruby or Rails Support Forum!

by Gregory Brown

For those who saw my other post on what the RubyForge forum is about, I apologize for the redundancy here. However, I feel like perhaps if some folks pass this reminder along, it'll get the message out. I've seen a huge resurgence of off topic posts, and I'm actually feeling bad that people end up waiting for replies only to get the same 'we don't deal with those questions here' reply.

The RubyForge support forum is meant to support RubyForge itself. That means that if you have a feature request you might want to talk about before submitting a formal proposal, if you think you might have found a broken service in RubyForge, but you're not sure, or if you just want to talk to us about some of the stuff we offer, you've found the right place.

If you have svn access that works on Windows but not on Linux, If you can't install rails but you don't suspect our gem servers are broken, or if you just want to ask what a particular library does, please, don't use the RubyForge forum. You will get much better help elsewhere.

I am the only active volunteer monitoring our forum right now, so please... help me out a bit by using the great mailing lists out there!

This isn't to discourage people from using our forum, in fact, if in doubt, post to us anyway. But please, read the FAQ before you post. If others can spread the word by linking my other article on what our forum is for, that'd be very helpful!


Ben Kittrell
2007-04-12 07:09:52
FYI, http://railsforum.com is a really great forum for Ruby on Rails, with lots of smart and kind people.
2007-04-12 07:19:23
Thanks Ben.

We really try to point people in the right direction, and it's understandable that if something doesn't work, like 'gem install rails', people might think we can help them. The problem is that these requests are almost always configuration related, and forums like that will be a better place to ask such questions.

Maybe the problem is people are having trouble finding good resources?
What we might be able to do is put a big page of ruby resources on RubyForge... does anyone think that'd be helpful?

Daniel Berger
2007-04-12 08:26:12
I think you should probably post this to ruby-talk, ruby-forum and the rails mailing list. :)

A link to Ruby resources on RubyForge sounds like a good idea, too.