A Giant Leap Backward.

by Oliver Breidenbach

Am I the only one who wonders how they got this headline past Steve?


2007-10-16 06:50:20
I love it - it's unexpected, and fits Time Machine perfectly. Great tagline, IMO.

2007-10-16 07:05:03
Yes, you are the only one wondering that.
James Thompson
2007-10-16 07:09:14
It seems awkward at first, but I think it's actually quite clever.

2007-10-16 07:42:56
No you are not the only one looking at that and thinking WTF?
2007-10-16 07:45:38
Headline works for me. It's a play on words, and a quite clever one, at that.
2007-10-16 08:27:23
It's clever and grabs one's attention.

2007-10-16 09:18:35
2007-10-16 10:04:27
arresting and apposite play on words - works very well for me. grabs attention, creates interest and explains in a clever and concise way.
2007-10-16 11:49:24
I like it.
Andy Lee
2007-10-16 13:21:08
I get what they were getting at, but I think it's a gaffe. Or rather, Time Machine had better work *flawlessly*, or this is going to be an obvious point of ridicule.
2007-10-16 14:47:15

Its humour, and its excellent IMHO

2007-10-16 14:57:39
Wow. I actually like it because it requires you to think. And it's quite an oxymoron.

I saw it and started laughing.

2007-10-16 15:12:30
Did you get paid for this post? I'm bored.

2007-10-16 16:02:24
Time Machine does work. Nearly idiot proof. I say nearly because the propeller heads will become idiots if they try to mess with it. It it the KISS method all the way. Plug in drive. backup to drive. Restore from drive. Nothing more, nothing less.
Robert Pritchett
2007-10-16 18:07:47
Hey, at least they didn't title it "Back to the Future Part IV" ! How would you have introduced "Time machine? It could have been introduced with those beautiful Eloi...


2007-10-16 18:54:55
It's called 'irony'.
Oliver Breidenbach
2007-10-16 23:27:03
It's called 'irony'.


Martin Baker
2007-10-16 23:57:58
Because as a brand, Apple is light years ahead of the rest of the industry. The fact they can run a headline like this is testament to the confidence of their customers in Apple. If it was a headline from anyone else, you'd take it at face value.

Also it's funny and forces you to think about what Time Machine does.

joel neely
2007-10-17 06:29:41

  1. It's grammatically unambiguous (unlike the earlier, "Think different" slogan).

  2. The very fact that people are discussing it means it has done its job!

Mike Michaels
2007-10-17 08:17:44
Um, it's funny and clever. Steve probably wrote it for pete's sake.
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