A Great Use for Web Journals

by Josh Anon

The other day, I found myself wishing for a note pad in Aperture so that I could write comments and notes about some of my images. I wanted to be able to write random things, like directions to a certain spot, in a file that's stored in my project right next to my albums. Initially, I was thinking that making a photo blog or such in iWeb that I just kept on my hard drive would be an ok workaround, but I wasn't satisfied. The next morning, while standing in the shower (we all do our best thinking in different places!), I realized that Aperture already has a great notepad--web journals!

Web journals are an often-overlooked type of website built into Aperture that allow you to place blocks of images and text side by side on a page. To make one, select the images you want to include (you can drag more onto the web journal later), and choose File > New From Selection > Web Journal. Then, pick some images from the browser, drag them onto the web view, click the Add Text Block button, and start typing. Repeat the process for each set of images you care about, finally ending up with a complete journal. If you feel like sharing the journal with others, you could export it to the web, but you also have the option of just keeping everything private and local to your Aperture library.


It's quite possible that you're wondering why I don't just use IPTC or custom metadata. Well, I don't want to set metadata that might get exported with the image. Furthermore, if I want to make notes about a set of images, I might just pull one representative image to refer to and comment on, even though my comments are really about multiple images. I don't want to worry about keeping the metadata in sync across multiple images, either. Yes, I could setup some smart album to only show images that have certain metadata set, but web journals provide an easier solution.


Barb L.
2007-10-25 12:40:45
Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe it should have been obvious, but I never realized what an incredibly useful feature this is.
Josh Anon
2007-10-25 12:41:49
You're welcome--and that's about how I felt and why I posted this :P