A Helpful Error Box

by David Battino

Playing with Boinx FotoMagico recently, I came across this unusually helpful error message. Not only does it explain the potential problem, it shows you as well:

FotoMagico Dialog

Admittedly, I didn't grasp the significance of the image at first; it would have been clearer if the photo had come from my own project. But I can't recall seeing this type of integrated error before. Have you?


Matt West
2007-06-10 14:39:52
What a fantastic idea this is.
No, I've not seen this anywhere, but wish I had. In my day job, I am still struggling with old Oracle versions not telling me the specific column name I'm missing in my insert statements.

All error messages should be like this; localised and context-specific.
Thanks for pointing this out; my mind is racing with possibilities.