A hidden gem

by Giles Turnbull

Hidden away among a bunch of Automator Action Packs released by Automated Workflows there are some very special gems.

But while most of the Action Packs cost some money (prices vary), the one I like best is free for the taking.

The System Action Pack includes just two actions, but they're things I've been wanting to see in Automator since the day it first appeared alongside Tiger: "Get Clipboard Contents" and "Type Keystroke".

Finally, easy access to the clipboard within workflows!


Ben Waldie
2006-06-21 12:53:45

I'm glad you enjoy the actions. Another one that I'm hoping will help a lot of people is the "Wait for Finder Items" action, which is included in my "Finder Action Pack". This action can be used at the beginning of a workflow saved as a folder action in order to ensure that files are done being written to the attached folder before they are processed through the workflow.

Also, I welcome suggestions for future actions.

Best regards,

-Ben Waldie
Automated Workflows, LLC

2006-06-21 23:07:13
It's been possible to have these features with Proxi.


When used incombination with Automator and Applescript you get something really powerful. It's great to get them in Automator now as well, this can only give you more flexibility to that power.