A Late Stocking Stuffer

by Kevin Shockey

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This week the web analytics software company WebSideStory reported that the Mozilla Firefox browser now has an estimated 4% share of U.S. Browser Usage Share. Most of this new found usage has come at the expense of the Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is now down to 91.8%. I can only imagine that this number will continue to drop.

I'm even now more excited about giving all my relatives copies of the OpenCD for Christmas. I'm mostly just giving it to them just to encourage their use of Firefox, but who knows? Maybe they'll get curious and give some of the other fine apps a spin.

Looking to impress your friends and relatives, give'm Firefox. They'll thank you all next year.


2004-12-22 13:44:48
Firefox for friends and relatives
I've just switched myself, but unless your family all programs for fun, I'd be careful about pushing it too hard.

When their system/software has a problem - "normal" people freak out and call a friend. More expert users will look for the help line number to call. Even more skilled people will look for the online tech support chat.

Nothing like that here. Just a great knowledge base - if you know how to use knowledge bases and/or forums.

I suffered the "new profile" disaster. I "lost" (track of) my bookmarks. Bookmarks are the intellectual property of a web user. Disaster! I figured it out, but I'm a geek.

Of all the people to whom I WOULD HAVE recommeded Firefox (over a dozen), I can only think of 1 who would have stood a chance of figuring out how to recover.

I really think this has to be easier before it will really knock IE or AOL out of the box.