A Lazy Web for Mac Apps?

by Bruce Stewart

Lynda L. Fudold writes in that she'd like to see a Lazy Web-style resource for Mac apps:

I'm not a coder, but an Apple Authorized Business Agent, as well as
active participant in a couple of MUGs, and I've attended a couple of
O'Reilly Mac OS X conferences.

I happened to have had a conversation with a prospect/client
yesterday, who is pining away after a piece of software no longer
commercially available, that ran on Mac OS 9, and previous Mac OS's.
This is the second time someone has said to me, gee if software xyz
were still available...

So, I'm wondering, is there a format out there, on your site or
elsewhere, for folks who'd like to see something developed, or to
submit ideas to the guys and gals who have the skills for writing the

I'm not aware of a resource like this, but I think it's a very interesting idea. I'm curious if the Mac developer community would like to see us add something like this to Mac DevCenter.

Does something like this already exist? Would you use it if it did? Would developers monitor a resource like this for possible projects? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


James Thompson
2007-02-14 14:20:39
I'd probably submit ideas, heck I'd probably even run with some of the ideas that got posted. Mac DevCenter seems like as good a place as any for this sort of thing.
2007-02-14 14:21:13
Are you thinking of something like this?

  • https://vamos.bountysource.com/

  • http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/Software_bounty

And what is the matter with this page? I get about halfway through writing my post, and it refreshes, losing what I've written. Make it stop!

Bruce Stewart
2007-02-14 14:31:22
Hi Mark,

Yes, I am thinking of something like a software bounty page for Mac-specific apps, thanks for the references.

I'm not sure what's going on with the problem you are experiencing when trying to comment here. I don't see the page refreshing automatically and haven't heard of anyone else having this problem. If you could email me at bruce@oreilly.com with the specifics of your platform, browser, and how often you're seeing automatic refreshes, I'll try and look into this further.


Brian Ganninger
2007-02-14 17:26:43
The site would have to make clear that users are transferring rights to the idea to the developer who takes on the project. Otherwise it makes for a bigger can of worms than it solves in my opinion. If everything was copasetic I could see myself taking advantage of a pulse for the user community.
2007-02-14 17:38:50
I'd love to see this as I have the hardest time coming up with commercially viable ideas.
2007-02-14 21:54:58
I for one think such a service would be great. When you're dreaming up a project the hardest part is coming up with something that you know people (other than yourself) want and need!
2007-02-14 23:42:11
Sounds good. Make it so!
2007-02-15 00:46:40
Reminds me a bit of http://mydreamapp.com ...
2007-02-15 01:57:04
I must admit, it does sound like an interesting site. Given the fact that a lot of niece apps tend to be Windows there must be a market.
2007-02-15 01:58:58
I got the following when I submit a comment. The comment still appears though:
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2007-02-15 04:40:19
I think this is a great idea, and with O'Reilly's commitment and good name it can be successful. Coders often like to hear what kind of software users are looking for, users don't know who to turn to to get their app built; this would solve that problem.
2007-02-15 13:01:33
As a Mac user I have wished for this sort of resource for a long time. I continually bug shareware developers of other products that I use that (from my perspective at least) could easily be extended or used as a base for other products that I want. MyDreamApp doesn't seem to be interested in any ideas other than the ones they already have parsed. Let's go with it on Mac DevCenter. Isn't the name short for Center for Mac Development?
2007-02-16 06:43:00
2007-05-09 08:13:13
Replying to an old post now, but did this ever get any further? Do you intend to add this to DevCenter or is it still an undeveloped idea?

It would be kind of cool if you did, you could even use the Lazyweb code - http://www.benhammersley.com/code/building_your_own_lazyweb.html