A Matter of National Security: MS sort-of opens up to governments

by Glen Gillmore

Related link: http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2003/Jan03/01-14GSPrelease.asp

The Government Security Program (GSP) is being positioned as a way to combat IT security concerns. Microsoft already allows access to it source code through a similar Shared Source program just for governments called the GSLP - announced earlier last year. This seems like more of a PR program to let governments know about an existing way that they can review Windows source code. Or maybe this has different criteria and allows more governments to qualify. The difference wasn't obvious.

Qualified national governments will be able to read and reference source code (but not change it) so they can debug their programs (or create work-arounds for Microsoft's bugs).

I plan to attend the FOSE show this year - we'll see if people are picking up more Microsoft or open source books.

Also see Craig Mundie's controlled interview.

Do you think seeing the source code to Windows will help Microsoft?