A nano sleeve you might want

by Derrick Story

While we all figure out how we're going to carry around our nanos, here's a high quality sleeve that's affordable. The nano Wrapper is a "super slim, stay-on tube with access to iPod nano hold switch, dock connector and headphone jack, made from Wrappers' exclusive treated faux suede fabric designed to add scratch protection without adding bulk. Lined in super soft cream, faux suede (the same fabric used to line Italian leather gloves)."

You can get one for £16.99 with free postage (that's less than $10 for those of us in the States). Mine is ordered.


2005-09-28 08:15:44
It might be more expensive than that
I think you got the currency conversion upside down ;-{
2005-09-28 08:50:41
It might be more expensive than that
I just checked the Dasboard Conversion widget; at today's rates this sleeve costs US$30.03
2005-09-28 09:16:29
RE: It might be more expensive than that
I went the wrong way, didn't I? Rats! Good thing the postage is free...

Thanks for the correction guys!

2005-09-28 11:25:02
RE: It might be more expensive than that
It's simple to remember. Just double the Euro or Pounds amount and you'll come up with the rough dollar cost.

Don't even ask me how much it cost to spend a month in England earlier this year...

2005-09-28 15:31:37
RE: It might be more expensive than that
I'm guessing a lot more than I just paid for my nano sleeve... although I must add: this thing better be pretty good for $30.
2005-09-28 16:19:16
RE: It might be more expensive than that
When I was traveling in Europe last Spring, I kept dollars in my wallet so that if I were pick-pocketed the thief would be severely disappointed.
2005-09-29 00:02:27
RE: It might be more expensive than that
Over here in the UK we traditionally when buying equipment from the US have had to convert the Dollar price one-to-one with the Pound Sterling price. This always seemed unfair when we saw the exchange rate at up to 2 Dollars to the Pound . Thankfully things seem to have improved now.
2005-09-30 12:27:34
iPOd Nano leather sleeve on amazon
Found one on amazon.com...its leather, a couple of friends got them already, they are sleek, arent bulky and big. Company is "Das Blau", their website at www.dasblau.com isnt up yet though. :-(
2005-10-01 00:12:56
RE: It might be more expensive than that
Back in the early 90s some journalist worked out that it would be cheaper to buy a copy of MS Office in California, and send it to London on it's own airline seat than to buy it in the UK.

Things are better than that nowadays for many products, but there are still many others that are much more expensive here. There's even a popular slogan for this over here - "Rip Off Britain".

I just compared the price of 'Programming Perl' on Amazon's US and UK sites. It's 24.35 GBP to 32.97 USD. That's an exchange rate of 1.35 dollars to the pound, compared to the real rate of 1.76, so we're still paying about $10 more per book.

To be fair there are real economic reasons for some of this, but for many products it is still excessive.

2005-10-01 23:30:55
This is what I love about Talkbacks...
When I originally wrote this post, I thought I had found a decently priced sleeve for the nano. As it turned out, my math was all whacked out, and what I really found was an expensive sleeve for my little iPod. I don't have it yet, but count on me reporting on it once I receive it.

But what I really like here is the interesting conversation that evolved from my bad math. I've learned a lot about a subject (Britain) that I never anticipated discussing. Cool...

2005-10-05 18:37:45
website up
strong> www.dasblau.com
    a variety of sleeves coming your way