A new look for SpikeSource.com

by Kevin Shockey

Related link: http://www.spikesource.com

Last night SpikeSource unveiled their first surprise for today. During the middle of they launched a completely redesigned web site. Finally, the picture starts to come into focus. From my initial analysis they seem to want to, at least at this point, become a development shops best friend. This could become a sly move. As I have always said: "he who controls the developers, controls the market." Clever indeed.

For the curious they have announced some pricing information which finally shows some information about their direction and plans. I wonder how much a gold or silver support plan might cost?

For developers they have launched:
  • MySAM
    ... which helps developers keep track of the open source components in your company. An analysis tool that helps you understand the risks presented by security vulnerabilities, bugs, and updates for these components.

  • Spike PHPCoverage
    ... provides the first and only tool available for measuring and reporting code coverage provided by the test suite of a PHP application. This tool records the line coverage information for any PHP script at runtime. Spike PHPCoverage is available on Sourceforge.net as an active open-source project.

  • Test Upload Service
    ... is a free automated testing service for applications built on the SpikeSource stack. Tests include unit testing, functional testing, code coverage, and test execution and reporting across multiple platforms. Completion and failure reports are available by email and as a hosted service provided by SpikeSource.

And finally, for independent software vendors, SpikeSource helps ISVs embrace open source with their ISV Certification service.

ISV Certification offerings include:

  • Stack Validation
    ... provides testing and validation of open source components and revisions. Stack Validation is priced per configuration, and includes periodic revalidation.

  • Secure Computing Alerts and Fixes ...provides update and configuration tooling, plus access to an ongoing stream of component updates. It also provides continuous alerts on defects and corrections.

  • Application Validation
    ... provides ongoing testing of your application together with our recommended stacks. It does, however, require the Spikesource Secure Computing service.

  • License and Provenance Management
    ... streamlines your developers download process and improve your visibility into license requirements. SpikeSource can provide single-source open source technology downloads, filtered to your approved licenses or technologies, and help manage approvals and recording.

  • Component Evaluations
    ...provides analysis of the impact of adding a new open source technology to a current or future product.

  • SpikeInfo
    ...provides access to the results of the SpikeSource testing results database. These results are integrated into other Spikesource products and features.

  • SpikeSearch
    ...provides access to an extensive collection of articles from in-house experts, news group postings, mailing lists, and RSS feeds.

Finally, the missing blogs are now available. The first SpikeSource blog, which will provide thoughts and comments about the open source community, enterprise IT, and the evolution of software assembly and testing. The second Compiled By will summarize the days events, in tongue-in-cheek style. As they claim: "Think of it as "Talk Soup" for the OSS world."