A peek into the marketing mind

by Andrew Savikas

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"Senders may not be able to track opens and click rates properly. And, Gmail could deliver a body blow to viral marketing, not to mention disappearing permission mailers' messages without a trace in the spam folder."

Hmmm. Forgive me for not getting why this is a bad thing.


2004-06-09 13:58:20
Odd terminology
So, what's a "permission mailer"?
2004-06-09 14:03:28
Odd terminology
That's the stuff you get whenever you forget to uncheck those boxes marked "Yes, please send me blah blah valuable information".
2004-06-10 05:04:14
Permission Marketing online needs to go
There are way too many other alternatives for people to see info they need, RSS and its associated 'pull' technologies is one of the best IM(H)O at this time.

The issue that gets raised often is how do people become aware of the infomation feed if not by email ? Well, there are enough advertising options for organisations to use on relevant outlets, websites, sponosred media. Use them.

And did you all know that most of the Direct Marketing Industry is self moderated ( atleast here in the UK ) ? Most regulations are self induced to keep the Govt away, that too is something that needs a change, not only on-line, but also offline and other conventional means.

Karanbir Singh { http://www.karan.org/ }

2004-06-10 08:33:46
You are forgiven.