A Re-Dedication to Open Source

by Steve Mallett

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Change is always a good thing. And we strive to do good things. Hence.. OSDir had a few changes to announce this morning.

The first is the addition of a news section. You see on the front page
three icons for our most recent articles and below that the latest news
in open source and linux-dom. Now, that that isn't really a mind blower
for most of us, but a enough folks have emailed in to ask that we cover
more open source news. Open source news, you ask? It appears that some
of our brethren in news arena have decided to rededicate themselves to
covering just linux and in some cases "enterprise linux". Taking stock
of that I was forced to notice that indeed a lot of lesser known, but
still important open source news wasn't being covered for a variety of
reasons. All of them valid to some degree. However; where open source
applications have been our bread and butter around here it's become
time to cross the chasm. Yes, we're not going to strictly stick to
that. There's a fair amount of BSD, OS X, Java, Ruby, Python etc etc
news we'd like to cover too.

It's hard to notice everything that is going on so we have to ask for some help from all of you, but we'll make it worth your while. Despite the proliferation of rss aggregators, blogs, and sites there's ironically simply more to miss now. Please submit
news, articles, reviews, tip 'n' tricks, and rants you find. We'll be
giving away an O'Reilly book every month to a random logged in

We also want to get the word out about the news we're
carrying. There's not much sense in keeping it to ourselves so we'll
also be offering an O'Reilly book monthly to a random site owner
carrying our rss feed on their site or blog and referring traffic to OSDir too.

In this same vein, something we started just this year.. we plan
to continue publishing articles, and having them written by members of
our community. A rare thing too these days, but it's important to do
and we'd like to ramp that up a bit more as well. If you have any ideas
for articles we'd love to hear them.

So, enjoy. You asked for it.

-Steve Mallett

Founder and Managing Editor of OSDir.com


2004-04-15 20:40:23
Business News
I'd really appreciate it if you'd keep us up to date on Open Source-related businesses. If you look on the Perl Advocacy list, you'll see there's been speculation about whether a particular business (which I won't name, because I'm not at all convinced the rumor is true--I suspect it's not) providing Open Source support has shut down. This is hard to keep up with, and very worth knowing.