A resource for Google maphacks and mashers now at Maphacks,net

by Glenn Letham

Related link: http://www.maphacks.net

Maphacks.net has just been secured as a resource for Google, Yahoo!, MSN map hackers & mashers! Because we recognize the signifigance and importance of maphacks and mashups in developing material at GISuser.com this resource will serve to help locate the accumulating wealth of news, leads, article, tools, and other useful tidbits to mashers and would-be hackers. Programmers, and those interested in maphacks can locate news, information, tools, and resources of interest. Topics of focus are Google Maps API, Google Earth, Yahoo! Maps, and MSN Windows Local Live. Still in its infancy, look for some changes and be sure to contribute your suggestions as well. Resources currently available include several months of news releases from comanies developing maphacks, educationsal articles, pointers to a number of code tips and developer tools, maphack map gallery and photoblog (flickr), and each week a maphack is featured in the site's newsletter.