A Ridiculously Large Software Quality Problem

by chromatic

As code grows and grows more portable and gains more dependencies, themselves portable, how can you validate it? What can a company or individual do to repay a community for millions of lines of useful code? How can developers and users give and receive feedback more smoothly?


Bart van Kuik
2006-07-19 00:59:37
The PITA acronym alone should make this project a succes :-)
Adam Kennedy
2006-07-20 09:55:11
To expand a little on the combinatorial problem, because it's even worse than chromatic's number, the best estimates I have for the scale of this problem are:

Total Platforms: 100+ # No really
(some of those may as well be dead though, like MacPerl or DOS Perl)

Perl Versions: 19
(this only goes back to 5.004 though)

Major Configuration Variations: 5-10
(this includes compilers, thread or not, etc)

Total Environments: 10,000+

Modules: 10,500 + 2,500 per year

Dependencies: 30-50,000
(and this rate is accelerating faster than the module rate)

So yes, it's rediculously, mind-bogglingly large.

Even debian doesn't come close.