A Scrubby-Dubby Robot

by Gordon Meyer

Related link: http://www.irobot.com/consumer/scooba_sneak_preview.cfm

I've written before about my indispensable robotic floor vacuum, the Roomba Discovery. Now the folks at iRobot have a new product that is sure to get top billing in my letter to Santa this Christmas. It's the Scooba -- a robotic floor washer.

The timing of this announcement couldn't have been better for me. My new place in Chicago is a loft-style condo, and it has plenty of wood floors that need cleaning. Our current Roomba does a good job of sweeping, but nothing beats a good scrubbing, and it looks like Scooba does that nicely. The demonstration movie at the Scooba website is woefully short, but the animation of how it works is convincing enough for me. I love that it cuts a clean, and dry, swath across the floor as it goes.

One-pass robotic mopping, now we're talking 21st Century Living!

Can Rosie the Robot be that far behind?