A simple home-made snippet keeper

by Giles Turnbull

If you’ve tried Yojimbo and Notational Velocity and DEVONthis and DEVONthat and you’re still not sure which one is best for you, here’s another option for you.

With Automator and Quicksilver, it’s easy to create your own snippet filing system. You end up with something that grabs any text from the clipboard and saves it as a new file in a folder of your choosing. Searching your snippets is done with Spotlight.


2006-11-07 05:25:38
You will need the System Action Pack for the "Get Clipboard contents" action.
2006-11-07 05:53:00
Thanks for noting that, Matt - I'd completely forgotten that I'd had to obtain the "Get clipboard contents" action separately...
2006-11-07 11:28:26
When I set this up and run it I get Chinese text.
2006-11-07 19:29:52
Very cool! Thanks for this tip!
2006-11-07 22:54:32
If you're mostly into small snippets and you're online all the time, Google Notebook (add-on to Firefox) is actually pretty neat.
2006-11-10 12:45:30
i get chinese text too
2006-11-15 08:52:30
I, too, get Chinese characters when I try this. There is also a 'New textEdit Document' action that creates correct text, but it does not automatically save the document like 'New Text File'.