A small workflow safety trick

by Francois Joseph de Kermadec

When working on documents, I sometimes need to print many revisions and pass them around for team members to see. Only I often don't want my clients to see these documents that may contain typos, inaccuracies or editorial comments. Now, I trust my team so leaking is not something I need to guard against at this level — at least reasonably. Human errors are what I'm most concerned about. Here is how I solved the problem.


Dr Drang
2006-03-11 14:51:58
Not a major tip, perhaps, but there's genius in its simplicity. My two-cent addition: save a custom Preset in the Print dialog box with the paper source set to the "internal" tray. This makes it easier to switch between draft and final.
2006-03-11 15:04:35
Dr Drang,

Thanks for your kind words and for sharing that additional tip!


2006-03-11 20:38:54
I heard somewhere that, during the earlier years of rocket trips into orbit, the U.S. spent millions of dollars developing a pen that would write in zero-G. The U.S.S.R. solved the same problem by using pencils in space...
Janak Parekh
2006-03-12 08:12:04
ThoperSought, not sure what that has to do with this article, but in any case, the story you've narrated is an urban legend.


vuong pham
2006-03-12 18:55:29
Hmmm "violent-looking pink or orange paper" How easily does that recycle?
2006-03-13 04:28:09
It does recycle pretty well, actually! Also, we usually buy it as already recycled paper, whenever possible.