A Social Network for Alphas

by Steve Mallett

I've been exploring the social networking space lately and have come to one solid conclusion. They're driven by fun. I belong to a number of social networks and despite a few having a purpose they don't really have any activity there because they're boring. Utility has its purpose, but zzzzzz. I don't care if "Peter Pumpkineater wants to be your friend" if there's nothing to do otherwise.

I know this is hardly a shocking revelation to most, but if it's common knowledge than why are some networks still so ho-hum?

Anyhoo, I -just- setup a social networking site for alphas on Ning (it was perfectly suited). The fun element is to indulge in discussions across a lot of alpha topics (mac, apps, gadgets, games) in one place.

Naturally with the aplomb of mac news this week I set up groups for Mini, MacBook, MacBook Pro, & OSX apps. Feel free to start new group topics. I'd like to join them (Second Life?) when my MacBook arrives.