A sop to lazy tech journalists

by Chris Adamson

Today's inert "iPod Killer" article (complete with cheesy graphic) is brought to you by the San Francisco Chronicle, which talks up the MTV/Microsoft "Urge" music service as if it weren't an obvious demitasse of suck.


2006-05-15 22:09:10
That was tremendusly funny. Thank you.

I have thought about subscription services. $10 - $15 a month is a lot of money. I like music, and being able to sample everything would be nice, but I don't buy that many songs. And with an average of 20 iTunes tracks sold per iPod owner, I don't think many other people do either.

Nick Lo
2006-05-15 22:30:12
Good one, you and John Gruber (daringfireball.net) could probably team up and do a series of these, charge a license fee and you'd give yourselves "lots of time to play Solitaire".
2006-05-15 22:30:32
The functioning form is the kicker for me. While I understand the supposed advantage of Urge, it's impossible for me, even as a Windows user, to take WMP seriously; least of all as some form of a dedicated music player. Jack of all trades, master of none.
2006-05-15 22:53:39
You had me at "obvious demitasse of suck."

Very funny.

2006-05-15 23:04:51
Dang, Chris. I forgot how wonderfully snide you can be. Thanks for a good laugh.


David Battino
2006-05-15 23:09:46
Good one! Perhaps competitors should spend their time engineering an iPod-eating bacterium instead. That said, iTunes is getting unwieldy, and WMP 11’s browse-by-cover-art feature looks interesting.
2006-05-15 23:29:00
Question: does anyone actually associate MTV with music anymore? Last time I was in the US (and, I confess, this was about 5-years ago) I tried watching MTV in the hotel and found that all it showed was documentaries.
2006-05-15 23:33:25
2006-05-16 00:05:13
Browse by cover art, David? If you have a (fairly recent) Mac, try CoverFlow. It's pretty amazing.
David Battino
2006-05-16 00:19:55
Thanks, Domo. I should have mentioned that I do use CoverFlow on occasion. And I wrote an AppleScript to launch Clutter whenever I pop in a CD. But having cover browsing inside the main music program would be best.

2006-05-16 06:35:28
LOL! The drop-downs are inspired!
2006-05-16 10:40:01
Hilarious. I agree with David Battino that iTunes needs a bit of an overhaul, but the constant, inane repetition of these "iTunes/iPod Killer" articles makes me wonder how they keep churning them out month after month without going crazy. Now I know. You've revealed the secret.
bill gates
2006-05-18 12:02:43
Subscription services are not a lot of money. How much did you spend last month on internet porn? You don't think that would be better spent getting access to music?
2006-05-20 09:34:42

After reading the comments below I think I may be in the minority but who cares. First of all I find it laughable that someone still wants me to pay $15 bucks to be able to listen to music that I thought I purchased on any medium that I desire. I like iTunes $0.99 a tune format. I can burn them to a CD if I want (which I usually don't I just load them onto my iPod). Okay I know I have a limited amount of burns but the reality is how many times beyond the one time do I need to burn it to CD. I never really made mix tapes. But that isn't the issue. I just spent sometime out of work with no money coming so watching my account shrink every month is something I wouldn't find fun so I would have to a) either repurchase my subscription music on my iPod or b) never be able to listen to that music on my iPod after DRM expires. I want my music and do what I want with it. I love the fact that I no longer have to purchase an entire CD just because of two or three songs on it are kewl. I buy what I want and don't bother with what I don't want.

MTV has become irrelevant to me since they stopped showing videos 7/24 on their free channel and since hey got rid of Martha Quinn and rock music. They've become more of the clearchannel programming of radio - which I haven't listened to since 1995. It's all become boring they don't have the edge of the 80's music before it got bland. Or the shock and awe of the 90's with grunge. What's replaced it? Celebrity playlists and previews (which I wish we longer than 30 seconds) on iTunes and the ability to own my music. I've just checked my purchased music vs my CD collection (which is bigger and now in my iPod) Total music on my iPod = 2,380 items. Purchased music 782 meaning that $782 on iTunes and has become my primary method of purchasing music since I haven't purchased a CD in two years. There are about 160 CD's that I paid roughly $16.00 for each (most date back to the 80's) of which I can do anything to them I want because I own them just like the 782 I bought from iTunes. Considering I listen to music either on the iPod or sitting in my office via my computer and I own them.

When are they going to learn that's what people want?