A Struts Schism?

by Tim O'Brien

There's an interesting discussion of the relationship between Struts Action and Struts Shale happening over on the struts-dev list. The thread is titled "Does Struts really need two frameworks? (long)", and you can read it over at Nabble.com.
It is an interesting thread. It starts off interesting, it has some good responses, there is some flaming on the thread. Someone even mistakenly sends an embarrasing off-list reply to the struts-dev list. Read more...


2006-06-24 15:14:25
There's actually a three way split... Struts Shale, Struts Ti (Struts and WebWork) and Struts Streck (Streck on sourceforge).

If you want JSF-like functionality, then you want Shale.

If you want WebWork-like features/functions, etc., then you want Struts Ti.

And if you want to just stay with Struts but want extenstion to take advantage of lightweight Java 5 features, then Streck may do.

2006-06-26 04:26:04
my questions is i am using struts 1.X with titles ...... how do i upgrade? !!!
almost everyting needs to be modified to upgrade .....
2006-06-26 05:49:46
Struts geeks, abandon ship! Try Stripes, and you'll never look back.