A Stylesheet for O'Reilly Authors

by Micah Dubinko

Related link: http://dubinko.info/writing/xforms/dblite.css

"There's always Word."

But if the thought of writing an entire book in Word hurts your head as much as it does mine, there's always XML. Specifically, there's DocBook Lite, or "dblite", which is a preferred XML format at O'Reilly, and perhaps other publishers.

As I mentioned earlier, I use SoftQuad XMetaL, which has the great feature of being able to edit any XML styled by any CSS.

Steve Muench, who wrote Building Oracle XML Applications for O'Reilly, was kind enough to share his CSS, which I have modified to add a few things and suit a few personal tastes. With his permission, we're putting the file under the GFDL for the world to share and use.

Enjoy! -m

Share your thoughts on DocBook Lite or the CSS used to work with it.