A Suggested Alternative Lightroom Workflow

by Ken Milburn

Ideally, most of us preach that you should organize your Lightroom workflow along the lines of the order in which the Lightroom modules appear. So you should start in the by adding the metadata and keywords, delete the images that will never have any value

My workflow may not be suited to everyone. A lot of what works for you depends on the type of work that comprises the bulk of your shooting and on the personal habits that make you most comfortable. Just so you know, most of my work these days consists of beauty shots that I submit to stock agencies.

All the metadata steps I take in the first run-through of the images are in this paragraph. I don't want entering metadata to slow down my winnowing process and I don't want to add a lot of individual metadata to images that may later be eliminated. I start by clicking the Library Module's Import button.

Import Photos2.jpg


Kim G
2007-12-06 21:13:03
If you want the list of contents of the images to last 100 years, I recommend using something like a plaintext file instead of Microsoft Word.