A Summer of Code

by Gregory Brown

The Google Summer of Code program is winding down now, and it's finally time to take a deep breath and look around a bit. I'd like to try to share with the readers of this blog my experiences with the Summer of Code program, and also offer a little bit of insight for those who are interested in how the whole thing came together, from the beginning to now.

Though the program doesn't officially end until the 21st, I leave on vacation tomorrow, so this will serve as my end of program reflection. This article is rather long, so for those uninterested in SoC, you may wanna mosey on along now. ;)


2006-08-15 20:04:12
I think Google really got their money's worth this summer. I had a guided tour of the code base a few weeks back and there's really a lot of hard work in there.

Nice job!

2006-08-16 04:32:35
Thanks James!
2006-08-16 07:46:16
great write up, and a great job with Ruport. Enjoy youre vacation!
2006-12-28 11:25:32
Great site. But I think there are more relevant resources: