A Tale of Two Tools - Maven2 and StatCVS

by Bill Siggelkow

I love programming. But I have reached the point in my life where the demands on my time, from my day job as a team lead to my night job as a team Dad, reduce my discretionary programming time to little snippets that I can seem to just grasp for 5 or 10 minutes here or there.

I have always loved research, too. And I have recently spent some quality time with two software tools that I enjoy -- Maven2 and StatCVS.

If you like what Ant can do, than Maven can take you to another level. Granted is not without its own set of challenges, but I have come to believe that its benefits outweigh the costs. With Maven I frequently find myself saying "Wow! I didn't know it could do that!".


2006-03-28 11:03:12
I don't understand why people have such a hard time with the word "its".

"not without its’ own set" --> "not without its own set"
"it’s plugin architecture" --> "its plugin architecture"
"it’s use" --> "its use"

if ("it is" or "it has") then subst("it's") else print("its") // Is that so hard?

Bill Siggelkow
2006-03-28 11:21:29
Point taken, Trevor. It's my fault :)
Ryan Sonnek
2006-03-28 13:19:22
Any possibility of publishing your work on a statcvs maven2 plugin? Last time i checked, there was no opensouce plugin available for statcvs and maven2.
Bill Siggelkow
2006-03-28 13:43:04
Great question, Ryan. I hadn't actually started using the two tools together. There is a Maven1 plugin so it shouldn't be that hard to port? By the way, this plug-in is actually based on StatCVS-XML which appears to be even cooler than StatCVS. Perhaps some interested individuals (like ourselves :) could get the Maven2 plug-in going.
Tim O'Brien
2006-03-30 08:28:17
StatCVS is great, but have you found anything comprable with Subversion. I'm trying to write an RS plugin that would grab stuff from Collaboa, but if you know of anything. blog it.

re: Trevor, good catch, but maybe O'Reilly's blog system needs some automated grammar unit tests. :-)

Bill Siggelkow
2006-03-30 09:16:25
You know, I assumed that the logs were about the same between svn and cvs; but I realized that SVN logs do not have the LOC info that CVS does. You can use MPY SVN STATS but it does not have the detail that you can get from STAT CVS because the data is not contained in the SVN log. I did read one thread that talked about using a commit hook to create such information. Sounds like an opportunity!
Tom Copeland
2006-03-30 20:35:45
Bill - yup, StatCVS is great. I wrote an article for IBM a while back where I used StatCVS to look at the history of Jikes development. Fun stuff!

2007-02-28 02:57:23
The StatCVS plugin appears to be there for Maven2:
Scott Hatten
2007-04-10 12:36:49
There is a statCVS for subversion called statSVN at http://svn.statsvn.org/statsvnwiki/index.php/UserManual