A Tour of Parrot

by chromatic

Tomorrow is Parrot's monthly New Contributor Day, as we prepare for the 0.5.2 release on 15 January 2008. Before you join us in #parrot on irc.perl.org, you might peruse three articles I wrote for Linux Magazine last year.

A Tour of Parrot explains the philosophy of the project and several of the design decisions we've made.

Programming PIR explains the native programming language of Parrot, an assembly language full of high-level language features and syntactic shortcuts.

Programming Reusable PIR shows how to build actual programs in PIR.

Now that the Parrot Compiler Toolkit has reached its second stage of evolution, you don't have to write PIR to build your own compiler on Parrot. I hope to continue the series soon by showing how simple writing a working compiler for a non-toy language can be with this new technology.


steve jenkin
2008-01-23 14:24:06
Warning: Linux-mag requires registration.
2008-01-23 17:41:27
Any links that don't require you to login to site?
2008-02-12 14:28:11