A Unsanctioned iPhone App: Pong (w/pictures and source)

by Noah Gift

One of my fellow Cocoa Bootcamp friends, Jonathan Saggau has put his Cocoa skills to get use and wrote an "Unsanctioned"
Pong Application for the iPhone.

Here are two pics from his blog:

iPhone Menu

Pong in Action

Great job at being subversive Jonathan!


Jonathan Saggau
2007-08-15 20:40:39
Hi Noah. Thanks for the linkage. The rest of the source (that which is on my site is just the example code to get the thing to play audio from within an ... um ... iPhone cocoa application) will be out soon, just as soon as it's readable by someone other than me. :) Perhaps this weekend I'll have some time for it. :)


2007-08-16 07:47:17
Look here: native iPhone game Lights Off.