A VoIP Wedding

by Bruce Stewart

Here's one of the most heart-warming applications of VoIP I've heard about. CNET is reporting that Wiriadi Sutrisno, a physiotherapist in California, and Rita Sri Mutiara Dewi, from the Indonesian city of Bandung, just exchanged wedding vows via VoIP!

They met through the Internet. Sutrisno proposed that way, and they finally exchanged wedding vows in a ceremony using voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. A Muslim religious official supervised their exchange of vows, the Jakarta Post reported Friday.

"We've exchanged photos, chat almost daily and often call each other, but we've never met," Dewi was quoted as saying.

She was introduced to Sutrisno by a friend. After he proposed late last year, Dewi wondered how they would exchange vows. In stepped Indonesian telecommunications giant PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, which arranged video screens, speaker phones and a Webcam.


2006-01-15 08:28:50
I wish I knew which VoIP service they were using.
I want to get married online, it'll be cheaper than getting to another country only for having the wedding performed. Any clue where that would be possible, or how?