A Way to End Draconian Mobile Device Bans in Secure Workplaces?

by Todd Ogasawara

A number of security conscious work sites ban entry camera phones and mobile devices with wireless data features (including WiFi, Bluetooth, and Infrared).
MSDN blogger Jason Landridge mentions a product from Credant that might be able to help end the need for such severe policies banning devices many of us consider critical to our day-to-day work (and play).
Jason describes Credant's product as:
One of our Partners Credant has a solution called Mobile Guardian which provides the ability to control cameras, disable bluetooth and infra-red as well as provide encryption and policy management. This is a really secure/controlled way of ensuring that the features you don't want people to have access to are disabled whilst still retaining the flexibility the device platform offers.

Would this kind of product help you get your mobile device back into your office/workplace?