A Web Hack for Charities?

by Steve Mallett

I'm planning on raising money for charity by attempting to travel around the world in 80 hours. Yeah, like Phileas, but in this century... and in real life.

I'd like to set up the effort's site to send actual online donations to the charity(s) of choice and let them get the donation directly. That way it's lightweight, there's no admin on my part & more importantly no mistrust in handling wads of cash. It appears hard to do. Got a hack?

At the moment the only semi-workable method of doing this is to have the people donating fill in the email field in donation forms with my email so I get notification, then I can forward these to the donor.

The best solution would be for charities to simply add a "notify this email address" field, but that's not reasonable to expect anytime soon.

Are there any workable solutions out there?


2006-02-08 11:03:02
What about http://fundable.org/? Request donations from people... If you don't get enough money, all the money is refunded back to the donators.
2008-04-08 01:25:09
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